a tale of two groom’s cakes


A couple weeks ago, Raymond’s sister got married, and Nick and she had one of the prettiest weddings that I have ever attended. Everything was gorgeous, except for the groom’s cake. Suzanne ordered the cake from a place in Elyria that swore they could make what she wanted. She was going for a Callaway golf bag with a Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo on the bag tag. This is what she got.


this thing could give you nightmares


As you can see, this cake is one hot mess. It looks as though my children decorated it. It was so bad that she had it hidden in the kitchen of the Ritz-Carlton, so no wedding guests would see it. No one even knew there was supposed to be a groom’s cake except for a few of us. After the wedding, we had said cake at Raym’s mom’s during a family dinner. Now it’s one thing for the cake to look like hell and taste great. This cake not only looked bad; it tasted like it looked. Bad, just plain bad.

I felt horrible for Suzanne and Nick and wanted to surprise them with a new cake. This is where Maggie Gross from Sweet by Maggie came into the picture. If you have never heard of Maggie’s shop, you should look it up, and you need to get in there and buy some cupcakes stat! Everything she makes is fabulous (and I can vouch because I have had more cupcake flavors than I can count and do I even have to mention the cake balls?). I knew if anyone could give Suzanne and Nick the cake they wanted, it would be Maggie.

I sent her an email with my request and attached a pic of the cake fail. “O…M…G…”, was her response. I also included a pic of a Callaway bag, so she could see what it was supposed to look like. We worked out the details and were set to get the cake on Friday, July 26. Here’s the revised version. And under that fondant was red velvet with cream cheese frosting…delicious!

WP_20130726_001 altAr4P5IAQWZETWYat0bszhjtZ9qq688qb1s00y_KWYkJV_jpg

Thank you, Maggie, for helping with a little wedding magic for Suzanne and Nick. They were definitely surprised and loved the cake. Your work never ceases to amaze me!

Lorain County residents or anyone passing through this area – make it a point to stop by Sweets by Maggie next time you’re in Amherst, or seriously, make a special trip. You won’t be disappointed. With different cupcake flavors on hand every day, gluten-free and vegan offerings on Thursdays, kids’ decorate-you-own-cupcake day on Wednesday, and pretty much any specialty cake you can think of, you can’t go wrong with this sweet shop. If you’re looking for a few recommendations, here are my personal faves that are regularly found in the case – carrot cake, salted caramel (cupcakes and cake balls), red velvet, and French toast maple bacon. The shop also prides itself by coming up with interesting flavors to tickle our taste buds, such as Christmas Ale, Butter Beer (Harry Potter – themed, of course), Lemon Basil,  and Sea Turtle. Visit Maggie’s website, Like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter for more info and to get the scoop on all things cupcakes!


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