run or dye recap



What do you get when you add family and friends, running, crazy outfits, and a ton of colored powder? An awesome time, of course! This past Saturday, we (Sare, Susie, Bee, and me) ran Run or Dye, and I loved every second of it. We have been waiting for this run for a while, and it was as great as I anticipated. If you’ve never participated in a color run, here’s the deal – you run (or wog or walk) and the volunteers shower you will color at different stations along the course. The run isn’t timed because, frankly, no one cares. These events are more about having fun and enjoying yourself as they transform you from a blank canvas to a colorful work of art.

I signed up for this a long time ago when I bought a Groupon for a 2-for-1 entry. I thought about asking Alexandra to run with me, but with her foot issues, I wasn’t sure how that would work out. My sister, Sarah, started running, and she seemed like the perfect partner. My friend Susie and her friend Bee also snagged an entry, so we were set for a colorful quad.

First order of business – outfits. I ran The Color Run last year, so I knew what to expect. You need to wear white in order to soak up as much color as possible. Plain white is just boring, so we knew we needed a little color. The plan was for all of us to wear crowns and tutus because it’s fun, but I decided at the last minute that I was going to make a change to my attire. I had something big and white just dying to be colored. Yep, my old wedding dress. I don’t really know why I had been transporting it from house to house as I moved over the past 4 years, but this was the perfect occasion for it.

The morning of the run Susie and Bee picked me up, and we drove to meet Sare at Edgewater Park. But first we had a take a few before pics.

V__51D1 V__67A8

Getting into downtown was a breeze because we left early. We were even able to grab a spot right next to Browns Stadium (okay, I know it is First Energy Stadium, but that sounds weird). Since Susie and Bee grabbed our packets the day before, all we had to do was show up and be ready to run.


We made our way to the start line and were farther back than we hoped. We waited and waited and waited some more. The run didn’t start on time (my only qualm for the day), but thankfully, once the waves of runners started going, it didn’t take long until we were on our way. While in line, I had time for a photo op with another ex-bride.



The run started, and we were off! I think I made it a quarter of a mile before my legs were pouring sweat under that dress, but I didn’t care. My thought was the weight of the dress made me burn more calories. We made it to our first color stop and were doused in yellow. I appreciated the heavy-handed volunteers who turned my dress into sunshine. I was completely covered after one stop. This was going to be fun.

Next up was the green stop. More color poured on all of us as we laughed. The four of us stuck together because it’s so much better than running this alone. Time was going by so quickly, and we were already at the third color stop. I think it was blue, but I honestly can’t remember. I was too busy laughing and enjoying the people-watching. I couldn’t believe we were already at the last color stop, and the run was over. Bee and Susie got ahead of us when Sare and I had to slow down, but I was so happy to see both of them waiting near the finish so we could cross together.


After posing for a few official photographer pics, we made our way to The Dye Zone to tie-dye the sky! Basically, participants stand in the huge huddle, open the dye packets given out with packet pick-up, and on the DJ’s count, thrown them into the air, creating the most colorful cloud you have ever seen. Once this was through, everyone was completely covered head to toe in color, and we looked fabulous!


seriously, this guy was awesome!

V__66AC V__6734

Side note: One of my race highlights was something that my sister overheard as we were running. Sare was a bit behind me, so she caught the conversation between two other runners. One lady said to the other, “Look at her! She’s passing us and wearing a wedding dress.” The other lady’s reply – “Yeah, she can do that when she’s 25!!!” Zing! (Honestly, I’d be thrilled with 29.)



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