where did the time go?!



I’m sitting here in my completely quiet house, trying to wrap my head around the fact that summer is over. Where did the time go?! My daughters head back to school on Tuesday. Alexandra will be starting third grade, and Adrianna is moving up to first grade. The real kicker is Cole and Cael are starting kindergarten the following week. How did I get old enough to have all of my kiddles in school? How are my babies going to kindergarten? Don’t bother answering those questions. I already had a meltdown on Friday night about it.

Anyway, back to summer. I feel like it flew by. I will now have to get back into the routine of having the most regimented days ever. On school/work days, I only get about three hours with my kids from the time I get them after work until the time they go to bed. That is hardly enough time to enjoy together, especially once you throw in cooking dinner, helping with homework, and getting the bath brigade completed.

I was trying to reflect on summer and everything that we did because I was feeling a little bad. I felt like I didn’t really get to enjoy time with the kiddles. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to take them on a real vacation (and they keep asking about one and reminding me that “dad takes us on vacation.”), but, despite not having much money, we still had fun. Here’s our summer recap.

6a9795b9-36cd-4cd2-8442-4edcd0b7a679 (3)

saying goodbye to our daycare


swimming at raymond’s pool

lex playing softball

cole and cael playing tee ball


fairport harbor rod and reel kids’ fishing tournament


backyard nature adventures


great wolf lodge


overnights at grammy & grampy’s


family trip to the cleveland metroparks zoo


painesville party in the park


dave & buster’s

cole & cael’s birthday and first indians game


moving from our old house


milk run at lorain county community college


dinosaurs at the zoo (they said this one looked like he was peeing because he was lifting his leg)


back-to-school dinner at smitty’s (and their first trip)

We hope everyone enjoyed their summer, and wishing you a safe and happy back-to-school!

What was your favorite summer activity?


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