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I feel like I have been blogging about lots of random things and haven’t really provided an update on running. I am proud to say that this has been the first summer where I haven’t “fallen off the wagon!”  In past years when the weather got hotter and more humid, my running took a serious nosedive, and I end up starting from scratch again in late August/early September. I don’t know about you, but I HATE the way I feel when I get back to running after taking a break. It’s hard to breath, I can barely squeak out a mile, my legs are killing me…not at all pleasant (and it makes me completely understand why people quit running after a time or two). That has not been the case this year. Despite the heat and humidity, I have remained committed to running regularly, and, with the added help of myfitnesspal, have been able to drop around 10 pounds since the end of May! And you know what that means – less weight to haul around means faster times! I rewarded myself for my good effort (plus I knew I needed new shoes before my half marathons). Check these out; they’re beautiful!


i heart my mizunos

I am by no means speedy, but I have been able to hit times for 3, 4, and 5 miles that I haven’t seen since I began running over 4 years ago or have ever seen. Depending on the run, I am almost a whole minute per mile faster. To me, this is a huge accomplishment. I haven’t set a PR in a 5K since June 2009 (well, I haven’t really run too many 5K since then, but anyway), and I am on track to do that in September. I am also extremely confident that I will have a new half marathon PR come October, and I’ve never run a 15K race, meaning it will be an automatic PR. Yep, it’s gonna be PR Party Time!!! I better save a Shandy in the fridge.

Something else I am happy to report – Alexandra, my oldest, is really getting into running. After her St. Malachi 2 Miler in March and her first place finish in the Milk Run 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk at the beginning of the month (it wasn’t a race, but my family made it one), she is really excited about the sport. She even got a sweet pair of shoes for back-to-school that she can run in. What’s next for her? I registered her for the Cleveland Marathon 5K, which is held the Saturday before the big race. When I shared this news with her, she squealed! She and I will run the 5K on Saturday, and I will run the Cleveland Half Marathon on Sunday. My hope is she will be at the finish line waiting for me, so we can celebrate this running weekend together.

If you’re wondering what I have lined up for this fall, take a look. Here’s my race schedule.
Downtown Willoughby 5K: Sunday, September 15
Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Cleveland: Sunday, October 6
Columbus Half Marathon: Sunday, October 20
Hot Chocolate 15K Columbus: Sunday, November 17

How is your training going? Any big races lined up? Chasing a PR or just going to enjoy your fall running experience?


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