october just got crazy



Oh goodness! October just got cray! Most of you already know that I’m running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland half marathon this weekend, October 6 and the Columbus Half Marathon on October 20, but I was feeling like that wasn’t quite enough. I’ve been kicking around the idea of running the Northern Ohio Half Marathon since I saw the race flyer in my bag from the Downtown Willoughby 5K, and today I took the plunge. Thanks to my gracious parents who said they would help with the kiddles, I signed up for this race, which will take place on October 13. Yep, you’re reading that correctly – 3 half marathons in 3 weeks!

Why would I be crazy awesome enough to do that? There are a few reasons. Reason 1 – The race is in Fairport Harbor, which is very close to my hometown of Painesville. It gives me a good excuse to visit the fam and get some running in at the same time. Plus, I love to support hometown events. Reason 2 – It’s the inaugural year for this race! It’s always fun to be part of something new. Reason 3 – It was fairly inexpensive, even with signing up late. The race was originally $65, but due to the fact they ran out of the Brooks pullovers that racers were supposed to receive, they dropped the entry fee to $55. I will still get a long sleeve shirt, and if there are any pullovers left, there is the opportunity to upgrade on race day. Reason 4 – I have never run major races back to back, so this is a new chance to test my running and recovery abilities. I am definitely up for the challenge! Reason 5 – Because I’m only half crazy…get it, half (marathon) crazy. I just crack myself up.

And rounding out the month is the Skeleton 5K “Run For Your Bones” on October 27. The big fuss about this race is it will be Alexandra’s FIRST 5K. Make sure you are ready for the awesome recap that will follow because I told her that she could write it.

What major races do you have coming up this fall?


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  1. I am hoping to do the Towpath Marathon if the federal government opens up in time. I know that the Northern Ohio Marathon is on the same day but I haven’t ever run on the course and the idea of doing 26.2 on completely uncharted territory as my first marathon is a bit scary for me.

    I live on the Rock ‘N Roll half course, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you on Sunday. Good luck!

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