running is a family affair



Today was the Skeleton 5K “Run For Your Bones” race, and most of you who are regular readers know that this was going to be Alexandra’s first 5K. What you probably didn’t know was it was also a 1 mile race for all four of the kiddles – Alexandra, Adrianna, Cole, and Cael. Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even know it was going to be a 1 mile run for them. When we signed up, the game plan was for Lex and I to run the 5K, and she was going to run the 1 mile with her Girl Scout troop. Last night, Adrianna commented that she wanted to run the 1 mile Funny Bone race. The boys chimed in that they wanted to run, too. The last time the other three kiddles ran was in August when we did the Milk Run, but I thought what the heck! We would make the run a family affair.

We got up early this morning, ate breakfast, and were (surprisingly) out the door by 8:00am. Since Annie, Cole, and Cael weren’t registered, I wanted to get there early to sign them up. We arrived at the high school shortly after 8:15am and made our way to the gym. Thankfully, it wasn’t busy, so registration was a breeze. Shortly after I finished pinning on their bib numbers, we met up with Raymond, who has become an official running cheerleader since becoming injured in April. I was also pretty excited because my parents were coming to see Lex race, and they were going to have a chance to see all four kiddles run.


hanging with miss susie


The 1 mile race started at 9:15am. Even though I didn’t register, they let me run with the kids. I was a little worried about 5-year-olds running through the streets on their own. The bell rang, and it was like a cannon of children exploded. Their start was comparable to the elite runners because those kids were flying! However, unlike the elites, they slowed down within a quarter mile. All of my kids were ahead of me to start, but I quickly caught up to them. My Annie, who was so excited to run the day before, was already saying she wanted to walk. My response – you wanted to run, so we’re going to run, even if it is slow. We had to stop and tie her shoes, so she had a bit of a break. We started back with running, and she was doing well, despite being tired. We quickly caught up with Cole who had slowed to a walk. When I saw him, I yelled a few words of encouragement, and he began running again. Annie and I made our way to the final turn and on to the track where the race finished. Cole was a bit ahead of us and kept running. On the other side of the track, we saw Alexandra and Cael closing in on the finish line. That was the only time besides the start that I saw those two speedy ones. I cheered for them and yelled for Annie and Cole to keep running. I was so proud of all four kiddles for completing their 1 mile run and was even more impressed with the time. Annie and Cole were the last two of my kids to cross, and they were in the 9 minute mile range. That meant that Lex and Cael completed their run in under 9 minutes.

We didn’t have time to celebrate because Lex and I had to line up for the 5K, which was set to start at 9:30am. By the time we made our way to the start, the gun had already gone off. We jumped in line and almost tripped over a stupid dog…twice. I was instantly frustrated and navigated a path around the pesky canine. (Sorry, I’m not a dog lover). I could tell the rest of this story, but it is best left to Alexandra. Here’s her blog post about her first 5K.


pre-race with my runner girl

Alexandra’s Post

When I finished my 1 mile race I had to jump in line because we were almost late. I was next to dogs. They were kind of dumb because one dog kept getting in my way. It was kinda squirmy. At mile 1 my mom gave me my gel (relax, folks, it was an organic one). Mom gave me a gel because she didn’t know if I would be able to finish with doing the 1 mile before. She said it would be 4 miles combined. 

It was a beautiful course! There were so many trees. It went through Beavercreek, and when I went over the bridges, mommy said, “Watch out because you might slip over the leaves!” We heard birds on the course. There was this one nasty guy. He said to these ladies coming back, “Get out of my way!” He was very nasty. 

When we came out of Beavercreek, we had about one more mile. When I saw Raymond, Grammy, Grampy, Annie, Cole, and Cael, they had signs. I wanted to cry. One said, “Run Like A Girl.” The next one said, “Run, Alexandra, Run!” The third one said “Let’s Go Lexi!” The last one said, “So Proud Of You, Alexandra!” I ran fast after I saw the signs and only had half a mile to go. 


her own personal cheering section

We turned on to the track, and I had tons of energy in my gas tank. We held hands as we got close to the finish line, and then I sprinted like a crazy woman. Mommy was really cheering for me. After we finished, everyone was so proud of me. 

V__EEC1 V__68CD Twitterb145bf4_jpg



After the race, we all went inside to grab some food and wait for the awards ceremony. I wasn’t sure if they had awards for the 1 mile race because they started right in with the 5K. We clapped for the winners and enjoyed snacks. After the race ceremony, we went up to the table to ask about the 1 mile. I had a feeling that at least one of the kids may have ran well enough for a medal. To my surprise, 3 out of the 4 were listed on the awards sheet! Adrianna came in 1st for girls ages 6 and under! Alexandra came in 2nd for girls ages 7-8, and Cael came in 3rd for boys 6 and under! Cole was a little upset that he was the only one going home without a medal, but it was time to learn a great lesson in life – that you don’t always win and if you don’t win, you try harder next time. Still, it was hard to tell a 5-year-old that he was going home with nothing while his siblings had shiny medals around their necks. He seemed to perk up a little when I told him he could wear the medal I received for being a Children’s Champion for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, especially after I told he I received it for helping little kids. 


nothing like a little race bling


so proud of these 4

Annie would like to share a little post with you about her race, winning, and thoughts on future runs.

Adrianna’s Post

When we were starting the race, there were tons of kids. I started off sprinting when they rang the bell. I was so happy that I was running a 1 miler. The race course was so beautiful, and I saw Miss Susie coming down the track. I stopped to hold mommy’s hand when she was done tying my shoe. The run was easy. I loved it because mommy ran with me. When I was turning to go down the track, it was beautiful. I saw Raymond and Grammy and Grampy cheering for me. I saw Lexi and Cael passing the finish line. I was happy for them. And for Cole. And for me and mommy when we passed the finish line. I am so happy that I won first place in my age group. My medal is made out of gold. Next year I am doing the St. Malachi 2 miler with mommy, and I’m so excited! And I need to train really hard, and I hope I win first place again. I am going to try my best. I hope Lexi and Cole and Cael and Grammy and Grampy will try to cheer for me and make signs. 


i love my medal!

I am so proud of Alexandra, Adrianna, Cole, and Cael for running today. All four of them exceeded my expectations. What’s more important is they all had fun. I am looking forward to more runs as a family, so watch for us in 2014!


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  1. Congrats Lexi! It was so great to read your thoughts! Great job to all the kids for finishing and doing so well in the mile! Look at your little family of runners 🙂 I love it!

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