much to be thankful for – part 2


As November rolls on, it’s time for another rundown of things I am thankful for. Here’s my list for days 9-15.

9. Chocolate – There is nothing I crave more when I am stressed, happy, lonely, sad, or just hungry than chocolate. So absolutely perfect! If it’s dark chocolate, it can be counted as a health food, right?

chocolate heart

10. GPS – Having been born without a sense of direction, I have grown to love GPS. It would be virtually impossible for me to get much of anywhere without it. I know I’m not alone on this one.

11. Running – Duh! You knew this was going to land on the list somewhere. I’ve transformed from a girl who always said she wouldn’t run unless being chased to a marathoner. That is a huge step! For me, it is the perfect activity that builds me up physically and mentally. My advice to people just starting out – try it, be prepared for it to kinda suck in the beginning, but keep trying because you can do it. It is a very rewarding sport no matter what speed you go, and the only person you are racing is yourself.

Blink_f78b092e-0135-4e14-87fc-229513ba284a_15_2013-10-20 (2)

yes, i am this happy when i run

12. Scentsy – My sister sold me on this when I bought my first burner, and now I feel like an addict who needs one in each room. Tell me, who doesn’t like a house that smells great without the fuss (and potentially health hazards) of candles? A huge bonus – if it gets knocked over, the wax will come out of carpet, unlike a candle that will set your carpet on fire. If you’re ever looking for a consultant, contact my sister, Sarah. She’s pretty awesome.


13. Modern medicine – I was reminded how very thankful I am for this just a few days ago when a friend of mine delivered twins at 27 weeks. Because of the marvels of modern medicine (and the inner strength of these two beautiful little girls), they are doing well and continue to get stronger each day. Such great advances have been made to help people of all ages, and it is something for which we should all be thankful.

14. MyFitnessPal – I credit my 10+ pound weight loss to this app! After the Cleveland Marathon in May, I was unhappy with the extra weight I was carrying and knew tweaking my diet was the answer. By watching what I ate and holding myself accountable to my daily calories, I was able to see progress. I feel happier and healthier, and by dropping the extra weight, I’ve gotten faster! I highly recommend it if you are looking for an activity and calorie tracker. Added bonus – it links with Runtastic, which I also love!

my fitness pal logo

15. Being handy – I won’t say that I am able to do every home repair on my own, but I am so happy that I am relatively handy. From patching walls to painting my house to caulking my shower to fixing a toilet to trimming trees, it is definitely an empowering feeling to not have to rely on others to do things for you.

Catch you in about a week with the next round of thanks!


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