much to be thankful for – part 3


Another week has already passed, so it’s on to my third installment of thankful things.

16. Crock-Pots: In my house, I am lucky if I get a chance to even cook my kids dinner in between my work schedule and their activities. My Crock-Pot usually saves my life because kids can only eat so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ham and cheese roll-ups. Added bonus – I have to do absolutely nothing as far as dinner goes when I get home.

crock pot

17. Family life lessons: This is something that I appreciate more and more as I get older and have to parent. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money and weren’t the kids with the latest and greatest, but that was okay. We learned to appreciate what was given to us and had to learn responsibility in regards to caring for the things we had and being accountable for our actions. I am struggling with this lesson in my own children, but as hard as it is to teach, I know I am a better parent for following through with it.

18. Bring injury free: I say this with a bit of caution, but I am happy that 2013 has been the first year in quite a while where I didn’t experience a running injury that set my training back. I attribute this to training smarter and more consistently.

19. Treadmills: For me, training for any race, especially a half or full marathon, would be nearly impossible if I didn’t run on the treadmill. Having four kids doesn’t afford me the luxury of running outside all the time, so it is a great way to help me squeeze in my training miles. Some really hate the treadmill, but I don’t mind it at all.

20. My gym membership: I know about a year or so ago I was crapping on my gym because they did some things that I thought were a little shady, but I am thankful for my membership. With no treadmill at home, this is where I run when I can’t go outside. They recently renovated and added a whole bunch of new cardio equipment, so I never have an issue of finding an open treadmill. Although I now have to pay a monthly fee for the kids’ club, I am able to have the kids there for up to 2 hours, which allows me enough time to adequately train for any distance up to a half marathon.

21. Running friends: To me, running is a solitary sport. I love the time I get alone to just run, collect my thoughts, and decompress. That being said, I also love the support and motivation I get from my running friends, both in-person ones and online. There is always someone to help pick me up when I had a crappy run, encourage me when I lack motivation, and cheer for me when I crushed a PR. Sending a little added thanks to Twitter, which has helped connect me to runners all over the world. I love getting a shout-out from a follower in Canada, Australia, or England.

22. Windows phone: Love, love, love this phone! Before I had my own smartphone, I had used iPhone and had seen an Android phone in action, and honestly, I didn’t really like either one. Windows phone is where it’s at! The system is not only pretty; it’s extremely functional and easy to use. I hate to admit it, but I am obsessed with my phone and am pretty sure I couldn’t live without it.



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