much to be thankful for – part 4


Here is my fourth and final list to round out my 30 days of thanks (a few days early). I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

23. MOVband: I LOVE this thing! Unlike a pedometer, MOVband tracks more than just steps. Worn on your wrist, it doubles as a watch and tracks all of your movements throughout the day. It also converts your moves to miles and keeps a running total, but that total can be reset to use the MOVband to measure distance for a walk or run. You sync it with your computer to view your stats, and when you join the MOVable Challenges, you can win prizes. The battery also lasts a long time, and I only fully charge it about every three weeks. The best part about this – it costs about $30 as opposed to a Fitbit for around $100 and a Nike Fuel Band for $150+. For a cheap frugal person like me, that works! It doesn’t look as fancy as the others or as sleek, but it fits my purpose, which is making sure I am active each day.


24. Anti-aging products: I am on a quest to make sure in another 5 years or so I don’t look like a cougar or worse, a cradle robber! It’s a little rough when my boyfriend looks like he bathes in the fountain of youth, and I see more and more lines showing up all over my face (can I just blame it on the stress?). Anything I can do to help slow the process and level the playing field is appreciated. Bring on the line serum!

25. My job: I have been fortunate enough to have a steady, secure job for the last 10+ years, and that is something that makes me proud. While some may scoff that I’ve stayed in one place and haven’t looked elsewhere to climb the ladder, I look at it differently.  I have grown professionally, and I’m taking on different and, in my opinion, important projects that will help lay the foundation for the future of my organization. Also, I already have close to 12 years in my retirement system, which means I could retire at 55 (the earliest age for my retirement bracket). Can many other 30-somethings who have job-hopped for the past 10 years say that?

26. SparklySoul headbands: All hail the headband of all headbands. There is no headband I love more than SparklySoul for many reasons. 1. They are ridiculously cute and go with everything. I wear them everywhere, even the office, and they jazz up a bad hair day in no time. 2. They are sparkly, and I dearly love sparkles. 3. They don’t budge. I have run countless races in them and never once had to adjust while running. It is on my list of race day must-haves. And have you seen my hair after a race? Still looks halfway decent, and I credit the headband. 4. They are comfortable. Other headbands just don’t fit my head correctly. They squeeze or rip out my hair or pop off my head. I put on a SparklySoul and it doesn’t even feel like it’s there. I know you have heard me sing their praises, and just do me a favor and buy one. You may complain about the price ($15 for thin and $17 for wide), but they are worth every single cent. Follow them on Twitter, Like them of Facebook, and/or check out their blog to get updates on sales.

headband collection

my beautiful headband collection

27. Grammar: I will be the first to note that I don’t always use proper grammar in my blog. I am taking artistic license and prefer to write as though I would be speaking to you. That being said, I am thankful that I know the rules of grammar and can follow them correctly when needed (and know where to go when I question things). I credit this to my elementary school teachers because they laid the foundation for me. Poor grammar is something that is a huge pet peeve of mine, and when I hear or read it, especially in a professional setting, it makes me want to vomit. Your and you’re. There, they’re, and their. Affect and effect. Lose and loose. It all makes me want to scream! If you are a grammar offender, the first step in rehab is admitting it. Then do yourself a favor, and check out Grammar Girl. You’re welcome.

28. finding joy blog by Rachel Martin: I have never met Rachel, but her blog posts have helped me more than I could  say. She is a mother of seven children who span a variety of ages, and she is the first to admit that she is not a perfect mom but she is a mom who dearly loves her children. Her posts validate the things that I am feeling as I parent my four children. She makes me feel like I am not failing at this whole mothering thing and gives me hope that even though today may have been horrible, I am a strong person just for putting it behind me and moving on to the next day. Her posts are real and empowering, and I highly recommend that you subscribe to her blog. It may just be the bright spot you need for that day.

29. Chipotle: Proof that happiness comes in a bowl (not that kind of bowl). It doesn’t matter how many times I eat at Chipotle, I still get excited for my lunch break. I’ve found it to be the most perfect pre-race fuel, and I eat it religiously two days before a race or long run. My entrée of choice is a combo of white and brown rice, chicken, black beans, tomatoes, corn salsa, and cheese. Perfection. I am getting hungry just writing this. And the best Chipotle ever is in Elyria by Midway Mall. Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of Chipotles, I can say with complete confidence that it is the best in terms of food and service.


30. My blog readers: Although I enjoy writing this blog as a way to de-stress and give you a glimpse at our life, I really enjoy the feedback I get from you, my readers. I appreciate the comments you leave on my blog and Facebook, the retweets and favorites on Twitter, and the remarks from friends and family on how much the like to read about what is going on with all of us. I appreciate that you want to take the time to read about us and share in our stories, and for you I am thankful.


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  1. I am thankful that I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago! I am always so glad when I get an email that you have a new post. That MOVband looks interesting. I have a Garmin for running, but something like that might be a good motivator to increase my activity in between runs. I think they are actually kind of cute, and I love the colours.

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