santa claus is coming to town



With only a few days left before Christmas, I thought it would be fitting for the kids to write a little post about their favorite holiday.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
Alexandra: I like to see the lights and the trees and the decorations. And I like presents and the story about Christmas.
Adrianna: Spending time with my family
Cole: Making pizzelles and having a special Christmas
Cael: Celebrating Christmas

What is one thing you hope you get for Christmas?
Alexandra: I want the Christmas doll and a rubber band kit.
Adrianna: Orbeez spa set
Cole: A ninja house
Cael: A ninja guy set

What would Santa Claus say about your recent behavior?
Alexandra: I’m good, very good.
Adrianna: Good
Cole: (no answer because he is currently standing in the corner)
Cael: Good
(It is very apparent that they are lying)

Do you actually think that Santa is going to stop at our house?
Alexandra: Yes, because he wrote me a letter that I got today that said I have been very good.
Adrianna: Yes
Cole: No
Cael: (shakes head yes)

How do you think Santa gets to all of those houses in one night?
Alexandra: I think Santa leaves a little earlier and then gets to the houses when it’s time because his reindeer can fly faster than a cheetah.
Adrianna: They get lots of rest before the big trip on Christmas night.
Cole: The reindeer eat special food that helps them to go fast.
Cael: I think the reindeer go so fast and that he has power.

What is something you look forward to every Christmas?
Alexandra: Spending time with family
Adrianna: Opening presents
Cole: Nothing (obviously still pouting)
Cael: Putting up the Christmas tree

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
Alexandra: I like pizzelles and homemade cookies that Grammy and Mommy make with us
Adrianna: Red velvet cookies
Cole: Pizzelles with frosting on them
Cael: Mint chocolate chip and pizzelles

Who is your favorite reindeer and why?
Alexandra: I like all of them; I don’t have a favorite because I think they are cute and nice.
Adrianna: Comet because I like him
Cole: I just like all of them
Cael: Rudolph because he has a shiny nose


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