running is my sport {guest blog post}


I have someone very special joining me on the journey to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon on Sunday, May 18. Alexandra, my soon-to-be-9-year-old daughter, will be running the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K the day before my big race (Saturday, May 17). She is going to be my guest blogger and share her thoughts about running, racing, and what it means to be a running family. Here is her first post. 

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Hi, my name is Alexandra, but my mom calls me Lexi or Lexi Bear. I am going to be running the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K with my mom before her race. This is going to be my second 5K.

I love to run! It all started when I ran the 1 mile fun run at the Milk Run at Lorain County Community College in summer 2012. I ran the whole thing, and I came in 2nd place overall! It made me feel like I found my sport. My first real race was St. Malachi in Cleveland around St. Patrick’s Day. I ran two miles with my mom and ran in a tutu that my mom made for us. I still have it. I was very proud after my first real race.

V__2F3AThen, there was the second Milk Run. I came in first place out of all the people for the 1 mile, and I will do the 5K this year. After this race, I decided I wanted to do a 5K, and my mom said she would train me. I trained at the park, and I trained around our neighborhood. I found myself getting a lot faster!

Then it came time for my first 5K, the Skeleton Run For Your Bones in Amherst. I ran two races that day – the 1 mile by myself (kinda with my Girl Scout troop) and the 5K with my mom. I was able to run the whole race without stopping, and I even had enough energy to sprint at the end. Mommy cried and gave me a big hug when we finished; she was so proud of me. Grammy and Grampy and my brothers and sister and Raymond were there to cheer for me. Mommy made me signs, and they held them up when I ran past. At the awards ceremony, I came in 2nd place for the 1 mile for my age group.


I had a little break after that race, but Miss Susie, my old daycare teacher, gave me her pass for The Christmas Story 5K because she couldn’t make it. I wore an ugly sweater (well, not really ugly), and it sang the song “Santa Baby.” My mom made the sweater for an ugly sweater party. I was nervous about the race because I didn’t even train, but I was able to run the whole thing! Mommy and Dan, mom’s friend, ran the race with me. I even got a cool medal!


Next, in May, is the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K. I feel excited and happy to be able to run the race with my mom. My goal is to run around a 9:30-9:45 pace. I think I can do it. I am going to train very strong and hard because I want to do very well. I am going to get a new outfit to run in and wear a SparklySoul headband. They are my favorite headbands. They are all kinds of colors with sparkles. Miss Susie, Mommy, and I wear them, and we are awesome. I am turning into my mom 🙂

a little sparklysoul lover



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  1. Great blog post Lexis! It was great to hear your thoughts and how excited you are for Cleveland. Keep training hard and you’ll reach your goal. Very proud of you 🙂

  2. Your rather is going to be an incredible runner one day. She’s so little and already running high shook cross country lengths, that itself is amazing! I know she will continue to do great things.

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