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As if I didn’t get enough perks with being an official blogger for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, an amazing opportunity came my way. I got to take part in a promotional video for the race! RACM passed along my name to Think Media Studios, and they contacted me about taking part in a video that highlighted runners and their stories. Two other people were picked for this – a legacy runner who has completed every Cleveland Marathon since its inception and a father who, along with his son, is running in memory of his child who passed away.

When I was asked, I immediately accepted, although I was a nervous. Would my story be as good as those? Would I look like a dork on camera? My fears were quieted after talking with Damien, who coordinated the shoot. After a phone call and some email exchanges, we had everything set. The plan was for me to explain my story and get some footage of me running around the neighborhood. This should be fun. An added bonus came in the way of Alexandra. When Damien and I spoke on the phone, I mentioned how proud I was that my oldest daughter took to running and was going to complete her third 5K the day before the big race. He said that we could work her story into mine and get her on camera, too! She immediately flipped out (in the best way possible) when I told her.

The Think Media crew (Damien, Kasey, and Caleb) arrived at my house on April 3. Being the anxious planner that I am, I stayed up the night before and tried to transform a house that normally looks like a bomb went off into one that didn’t embarrass me. I also left work early, grabbed Lex from school, and made sure we were set as soon as we got there. It also helped that dinner was waiting for us at home (thanks, Dan!). The guys showed up, and it was like a major production was about to go down in my house. They hauled in loads of equipment and spent quite a while getting everything set up. Then it was time to interview! I was nervous, extremely nervous. I don’t normally have a problem speaking in front of people – I do this quite a bit with work – but being in front of a camera was scary. All I kept thinking was, “PLEASE, don’t sound like an idiot!” Thankfully, Damien was a good sport and did his best to keep me calm throughout the process.


smiles pre-interview



someone was taking selfies during my interview

A little big change of plans happened when Annie, Cole, and Cael came home early, right in the middle of the shoot. I didn’t know what to do, but the Think Media guys rolled with it, even shooting some footage of me doing my normal “mom thing” in the kitchen with them. I think the kids were all excited for a chance to take part. After that excitement, Lex was up. I wasn’t sure how they were going to talk with her, and when they suggested a walk and talk in her room, I instantly said, “Oh crap!” Yep, I cleaned the house but not the bedrooms. After the quickest cleaning ever (thank God for closets!), Lex was ready for her camera debut. I didn’t follow her in the room; this was her chance to speak and shine, so I am looking forward to hearing her piece when the video is out.


awkward pre-run selfie

After all of the interviews and in-house footage was completed, it was time for the fun part – running! Lex and I bundled up. The weather, which was absolutely gorgeous the day before, didn’t exactly cooperate the way we wanted when we scheduled the shoot. Cold and wet were the conditions of the day, but what the hell?! Isn’t this typical Cleveland weather, and don’t we have to train in this anyway? They shot footage of Lex running back and forth in front of the house. The plan for my run was to follow along behind the van while they filmed. I have to admit it felt a little awkward, but it was kinda badass running in the rain and splashing through the puddles.


This truly was a great experience, and I was so happy that I was picked to represent a race that is so important to me. Thank you, Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and Think Media Studios! I can’t wait to see the finished product and view the other runners’ videos. I have no doubt that they will motivate others and me for CLE.

If you want to see a quick promo video that Think Media Studios put together, check it out! I make a cameo 🙂


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  1. So happy and proud of you! What a wonderful example for your children! What an amazing women and mother friend and co-worker! so proud of you, I guess I said that… but I think you get the hint!

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