we are all boston strong



I’m sure I’m the umpteenth person to post about the events of today’s Boston Marathon, but I just had to write a few words about the excitement and sense of pride I felt as I watched the runners and tracked friends who completed their own marathon journeys.

The Boston Marathon is the Super Bowl of road races, and I was more than excited for it to get underway. The anticipation has been building for more than a week as we marked the one-year anniversary of the bombing and remembered those we lost and those injured in that senseless tragedy. Finally, it was race day! I tried to catch glimpses of the live stream and listened to the commentary throughout the race. I found myself cheering and crying at my desk for Meb as he dominated the course and brought Americans to their feet with a spectacular finish. An American won the Boston Marathon for the first time in over 30 years! So very fitting for this year’s race. Don’t even let me get into how I felt when I saw him stand there as the Star Spangled Banner played. It was a serious weep fest, and I loved every minute. And let’s not forget Shalane, who set the women’s pace for nearly the first 20 miles of the race and was the top American woman finisher! She crushed!

While it was awesome to watch our American elites do so well, I think it was more fun to track “real people.” I had two friends complete their Boston adventure today (yes, Ryan and Molly, I brag that I have friends who run Boston). The work that those two have put into training is amazing, and I can’t even imagine pushing my body to those limits to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon one time let along multiple times. They both made me so proud to say I know them and to be a runner. They are proof that real people can achieve something incredible.

While many of us will never qualify for Boston or get to see the race in real life, it is evident that the running community rallies together and runs for one cause. We run for those who can’t. We run with a purpose. We run to show that although we may get knocked down, we will continue to stand back up and come back stronger than ever. We are all Boston Strong!


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