blogger meet-up!



I have to say that the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon takes care of its official bloggers! On Wednesday, we had our second blogger meet-up, and although not many of us could make it, it was a great time!

We met at Press Wine Bar in Tremont to go over some expo and race info and meet with the guys from BOOM Nutrition, the company that will be supplying the energy gels for race day. They provided us with samples of three gel flavors (which sound delicious – Grape Pomegranate, Banana Peach, and Strawberry Kiwi) that I plan on using this weekend for my semi-long run. Selling points of these gels is they are fruit-based, have a 9:1 complex carbs to simple sugars ratio (i.e. better sustained energy without the crash you get from gels made mainly with simple sugars), and have no artificial ingredients. The taste test will come this weekend, but I was so tempted to rip one open and taste it. Since BOOM Nutrition is the official gel sponsor, they are offering a discount. Get 20% off any order with the code CLEMARATHON.

Joan and Jen (the dynamic duo) talked with us about the VIP reception and expo. I’m really excited about this year’s expo because they are going to have a blogger area where we can greet people and talk with them. It’s kinda like we are local race celebrities πŸ™‚

Although the race director, Jack Staph, couldn’t make it to the meet-up, he had Joan and Jen record a video where he thanked us bloggers for our posts and participation. It’s always nice to hear how much we are appreciated from the big man in charge!

Thank you, Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, for the meet-up and BOOM Nutrition for the gel samples. With the race being less than a month away, the excitement is growing, and this event definitely added to it. To all of the bloggers who couldn’t make it, you were missed, and I look forward to seeing you at the VIP reception!


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    • πŸ™‚ HAHAHA YES! I will be the blonde who is probably acting way too excited. Happy to finally meet you and excited you won the VIP reception tickets. I went last year, and it was fabulous!

  1. This was a great recap. Really wished I could have been there. Glad I saw this code – I was going to order some of these because I want to see how my stomach handles them before race day comes, and now I can save 20% off! Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else at the VIP Reception.

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