it’s a sparkly day because i’m a sparkly soul ambassador!



If you’re a regular reader of my blog or follow me on any social media outlets, you probably already know about my addiction love of Sparkly Soul headbands. If you don’t, I think you have been living under a rock. Now, I have some great news to share with you – I was picked to be a Sparkly Soul ambassador!


because you can never have too much sparkle

I found out about these amazing headbands about year and a half ago when I was reading through my Twitter feed and just had to check them out. Being blessed with a small head and fine hair (yeah, didn’t hit the genetic lottery on that one), I’ve had problems with every other headband I’ve tried. They were too big and slipped right off after a few minutes of running or working out, or they were ill-fitting and ripped at my hair, giving me a headache. Even worse, they weren’t cute and made my head look the size of a peanut. I decided to try one of the wide Sparkly Soul bands after reading many positive reviews and falling in love with the sparkle, so I ordered a red and pink stripe one for Valentine’s Day. Immediately after that, I won one of their contests and received another Valentine’s one (you can never have too many, even if they are the same color) and a rainbow one (my absolutely fave).

Once I tried them on, I was hooked! They were, by far, the best headbands that I’ve ever worn. No squeezing my head, no headache, absolutely no moving or slipping off, and they were so sparkly and pretty. I could easily wear one to work, hit the gym after, and still rock it for a night out. And to top that, I can run a marathon wearing them, and my hair still looks good after! I started wearing them EVERYWHERE and recommending them to family, friends, co-workers, basically anyone who would listen. My collection of three headbands exploded to include close to 20 (told you I was an addict). We have even made Sparkly Soul a family affair because my daughters, ages 9 and 7 now, like them just as much as me, asking to wear ones from my collection and adding them to their Christmas and birthday lists.


we all love sparkly soul!

The other day, you could imagine how happy I was when I received an email from Pamela saying I was picked to be an ambassador. I squealed and clapped like a little kid. Before, I kinda felt like an unofficial ambassador anyway because I loved promoting the company. Making it official was the icing on the cake! Thanks for this great opportunity, Sparkly Soul, and I can’t wait to spread more sparkle love.


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  1. I bought two for my sister in law for her birthday last year from reading your blog/posts and your recommendation…but I still don’t have one! I definately need to order one for myself one of these days 🙂 Congrats!

  2. With my short haircut I bought a few of the thin & I love them just as much as the wide sparkles!! Congrats Steph, that’s awesome!

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