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live accomplished

Every now and then you find a company that not only has awesome apparel but a great story and message behind its creation. That’s exactly the case with Live Accomplished, a new apparel company based out of Columbus, Ohio that aims to inspire its customers.

Live Accomplished was co-founded by Kimheng Tang and Kelly Sorn in 2012. Their vision was simple – create an apparel brand that constantly inspires. Both Kimheng and Kelly worked extremely hard to get where they are today, not letting adversity be an excuse for failure and proving themselves to be an inspiration to others. These guys truly believe in the whole “Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve” idea, that dreams are within reach if action is taken. They wanted their brand to reflect this message, and Live Accomplished was born. Kimheng and Kelly took a risk and began pressing shirts in their basement, and they haven’t looked back!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and Kenny Tong, a newer member of the Live Accomplished team, at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Expo in May. Dan and I were doing the usual Expo walk-through when some really awesome shirts caught my eye. Being an avid runner/racer, I’ve seen a lot of the same apparel at the various expos. Don’t get me wrong; I like the usual companies, but Live Accomplished had something different that made them stand out. It seemed like I wanted to purchase everything they had! I loved the designs, motivational sayings, and colorful shirts. Being the great boyfriend that he is, Dan bought me a little gift. While we were checking out, we chatted with Kenny and Kelly about running and races. I loved that these guys were as into promoting physical activity as they were motivating people. It’s the “practice what you preach” mentality. I mentioned that I was a blogger for the Marathon and planned on putting a blurb in my blog about their company. As a thank you, they gave me a Live Accomplished logo tank (thanks again, guys!)



rockin’ my live accomplished clothes

I gotta say, I LOVE my Live Accomplished apparel! It’s comfortable, fits well, and is perfect to wear for working out or going out. It fits into that realm of cute workout clothes that you can get away with wearing places besides the gym. And speaking of the gym, I wore my Less Talk, More Hustle tank just the other day and had two people compliment me on it. Of course, I told them to check out Live Accomplished if they wanted to be my twin 🙂 I’m still trying to decide which one I’m going to purchase next – the one that reads “Run From The Heart” or “Build a Strong Mind, the Body will follow.” Ahh, decisions. You can find those shirts on their website, and if you’re in the Columbus area and have a chance to meet up with them at a pop-shop or race expo, I highly recommend it! There are more designs to choose from. Give them a follow on FB and Instagram to get updates on where Live Accomplished will be next.

Inhale strength

in love with this saying – inhale strength, exhale weakness

LvA and Sparkly Soul

live accomplished + sparkly soul = perfect match

That brings me to something awesome to share with you. I guess you could call me a Live Accomplished ambassador, and I’m excited to help them spread their message to inspiring others. I even have my own discount code, and you can get 20% off when you use the code STEPH. It doesn’t expire, so feel free to shop as much and as often as you want.

Want to hear something even more awesome? I’m running a Live Accomplished giveaway for a shirt of your choice! The giveaway starts on Monday, June 30 and runs through Wednesday, July 9. The winner will be notified by Friday, July 11. I bet you’re wondering how to enter. Here are your entry options. There are lots of chances to win!

  1. Leave a comment below telling me your goal for the month/summer/year and which shirt you would pick if you won (psst…you have to visit the Live Accomplished site). (1 entry total)
  2. Follow me at @stephplusfour on Twitter and leave a comment below (1 entry total).
  3. Follow me at stephplusfour on Instagram and leave a comment below (1 entry total).
  4. Like Live Accomplished on Facebook and leave a comment below (1 entry total).
  5. Follow Live Accomplished on Instagram and leave a comment below (1 entry total).
  6. Tweet about the giveaway, something like “I want to #liveaccomplished with @stephplusfour! #giveaway” and leave a comment below. You can earn one entry for every day of the giveaway (10 entries total).
  7. Post about the giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment below. You need to tag Live Accomplished in the post for it to count. You can also earn one entry for every day of the giveaway (10 entries total).

Good luck and live accomplished!




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  1. My goal for the year is to remain healthy enough to train and finish two more half marathons and then rock the Houston half marathon in January. I really like tank featured above, Inhale Strength, exhale weakness, but didn’t find it in the shop on he Live Accomplished site.

  2. My goal is to begin exercising/running again at least three times a week before the end of the summer, while also maintaining by breastfeeding. If I win, I would choose the “less talk, more hustle” tank 🙂

  3. I’m training for my first full marathon in the fall, and I’ve chosen the Towpath Marathon. My goal is to get to the starting line healthy and strong! I’m also really excited about my first ever night race the Panda Bear (half-marathon) in Michigan in August. On the Live Accomplished site, I like the gray “Run from the Heart” tank best. Thanks for this chance, Steph!

  4. My goals for this next year is to finish my Cross Country and Track season with PRs. I have been working really hard this summer and have put a lot of miles in. I would love to work toward these goals while wearing the Less Talk More Hustle tank. I already have the Run From Your Heart shirt and I love it!

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