hair today, gone tomorrow…but for a good cause


2014_07_06_21_01_05My boyfriend Dan may or may not want me to write this post out of being modest, but I’m going to anyway because I think he’s pretty amazing and want to share this with you. For the past three years, he has been growing his hair to donate to an organization that provides wigs to children who lose their hair during medical treatments. Since I’ve known him, it’s been long (and jealousy-inducing on my part because I can’t grow hair to save my life). That all changed this weekend after he decided it was time for the big cut.


indians home opener when the locks were long

He had been researching hair donation, and the decision was made to donate to Wigs for Kids, which offers wigs to children at no cost. Some other places take your donation but charge their clients for wigs on an income-based scale, which was not cool in our opinion. After that decision was made, the next was where to get a haircut. Thankfully, Wigs For Kids has a list of salons who assist with their mission, and Dan picked one of those that was close to us.

Sunday, July 6 was the big day! We got to Dino Palmieri Salon in North Olmsted, and poor Dan was nervous. Hell, I freak out over a trim, so I could only imagine how he was feeling! A stylist named Kayla called him back and was kind enough to let me tag along. I was the photographer, after all. She mentioned that in the five years that she has been working there that he was her first guy hair donation, which was really cool. After putting his luscious locks in three little ponytails, it was time to cut!


someone looks nervous!

Within less than a minute, the long hair was no more, and on the counter were three ponytails filled with three years of hard work for someone in need. I got a little teary because to do something like this requires not only commitment but perseverance to withstand the dreaded “in-between” length. Kayla began cutting into the shaggy mop of hair and turning it into a hairstyle. The amount of hair she cut even after the ponytails were gone was amazing. I could only wish to have that much hair.



this is the “what the hell just happened?” face


the clips in front were a good look


almost done!

About an hour later after we walked in the salon, Dan had short hair for the first time in three years! And I think he looks pretty cute (and incredibly young) 🙂 Thanks, Kayla!


Dan – I am so very proud of you for doing this. The commitment you made to help a child was just one of the many things that made me fall for you. Thank you for letting me be part of this experience. I love you. And you still win the battle for best hair, although now I have you beat for length!


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