why momma suze rocks at life


In celebration of my mom’s birthday today (don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone the number), I wanted to put together a little list of why my mom rocks at life. Yes, I know, there are too many for one blog post, so I will just highlight a few.

  • She sacrificed (and continues to sacrifice) for her family. Momma Suze was a stay-at-home mom for many years, choosing to give up a career to raise us. Personally, I would have gone bat-shit crazy without work, but my mom is a much better person than me. PTA meetings, school projects, summer activities, you name it, she helped out. She continues to help us, even though we pretend to be self-sufficient adults.
  • She rocked a perm with a banana clip and “Big Reds” (glasses) like it was nobody’s business. I think there was even a time when Dad and she had similar curly 80s hairdos/mini-mullets, which was awesome. They liked them so much that they made sure Sare and I matched. Lookin’ fresh all day, every day.
  • She taught me about cheerleading! Before running came into my life, there was cheerleading, and I learned my foundation from my mom. While the other moms in the condo complex were busy doing other mom-ish sorts of things, she was flipped around in the backyard, teaching us cartwheels, round offs, headsprings, and various jumps. She even coached my first cheerleading squad, the Redskins, for midget football. I still remember her making skirts for us girls to wear, getting us screen printed sweatshirts, and dying briefs at home to wear under the skirts.
  • She is one hell of a grandma, and my kids are lucky to have her. Mom is fun and creative and patient with the kids, but she doesn’t let them get away with crap. She shows them all the time that Grammy loves them but won’t think twice about punishing them if they get out of line.
  • She still loves me. I wasn’t a bad adolescent (at least I don’t think I was), but in adulthood, I was kind of a hot mess. I guess it was payback for being a semi-easy child. Mom has been there to support me regardless, and I am forever grateful.

Happy birthday, Mom! We all love you and wish you many more! Another year older, another year more fabulous!



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  1. Happy Birthday Mom L!! She was an awesome cheer Mom! She helped us all on the little quirks (my fly arms!) hope it’s a great day!!

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