research study – runners wanted!



About a week ago, the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon had a post on their Facebook page about a research study on running-related injuries. The Cleveland Clinic was conducting the study and looking for participants. Being the science-minded person that I am, I was all, “Sign me up!” I have encountered two injuries since I began running in 2009 – IT band syndrome and impinged fat pads in my knee – and I thought if I could learn a little something from the study and help others, it would be worth it.

In the study description, Cleveland Clinic stated they were looking for healthy runners who were heel to midfoot strikers, and the time commitment was one hour or less. Check and check. After a few back-and-forth emails with Darrell Allen, the study coordinator, my appointment was all set. They even generously allowed me to bring the kids along.

We set out for the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health building in Garfield Heights on February 14. Yes, we spent Valentine’s Day morning doing a running research study 🙂 The weather was great until we hit the airport, which resulted in us being a few minutes late (I know, story of my life). Darrell greeted us at the door and escorted us to the physical therapy gym. I was happy when I saw there was a small area with a ball and net, and Darrell and crew allowed the kids to play while I took part in the study. I was worried about how they would behave during it, but having the opportunity for them to play alleviated a huge ton of stress!

After reading and signing the obligatory waivers and having some tape marks placed on my shoe and leg, it was time to hop on the treadmill and begin. Without giving away the gist of the study, I had to alternate between periods of walking and running while a camera captured my movements. I was able to chat a bit about the study, but I can’t give away that information in case others who want to participate are reading. But I can tell you it was a fun experience and exciting to know that I am helping with research on running-related injuries. I also came away with a few tips to help reduce injury while running, so all-in-all, it was helpful.

The Cleveland Clinic needs more participants, so I encourage you to help out! How often do you have the opportunity to be part of a research study and garner some tips to become a more efficient runner?! Contact Darrell Allen at 330-888-4512 or for more info. 


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  1. I did the same study in the beginning of January and it was great. The team was friendly and didn’t take long at all. I was in and out within a half hour.

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