find your motivation


It’s takes more than a little luck to power you through 13.1 or 26.2 miles! As we near the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon races on Sunday, I’m making a mental checklist of items that motivate me, things I can recall when my legs are tired, lungs can’t breathe, and I just want to see the finish line. I feel as though I’m well-trained but go forward with trepidation, so I know I will need a little extra to get me through. Here’s the list of motivators for my CLE half marathon.

  1. My kids: they are the reason I run – to set a good example and be a healthy mom AND because as much as I love them, they drive me bat-shit crazy! With each major race, I have each of them select a mile for me to run in their honor. Sunday will be no different.
  2. My boyfriend/running partner – this has been an interesting training season without Dan running beside me. Between work commitments and battling injuries, we haven’t been able to train together. I want to run well on Sunday because it would make him proud.
  3. My family: they continue to put up with my running craziness and support me along the way. Each individual family (Mom & Dad; Stevie & Tracy; Sarah, Rhett, Sophia, and Beckett; and Susannah, Billy, Savannah, and Mackenzie) has their own mile.
  4. Myself: Damn right I’m using myself as a motivator! I’m proud to say I have been a runner for a little over 6 years and have come so far since my first run. I didn’t even make it a mile without stopping, and now I have a number of marathons and half marathons under my belt. I’ve slimmed down, disciplined myself, and pushed my body to the limits. Races are a chance to celebrate that.

And because I love motivational quotes and pictures, here are a few that I hope motivate and inspire you!


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