happy national running day



HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! In honor of my and every other runners’ favorite holiday (well, aside from Thanksgiving because a pastime of mine is crushing food), I celebrated by doing something I never do – I got my lazy butt out of bed before work and ran. I’m pretty sure my body was in shock and had no clue what it was doing, hence the reason I was able to rip off my fastest mile to date since July 21, 2014 (but who’s counting?…thanks, Garmin). Two miles and one sweaty ponytail turned work hair later, I felt accomplished and ready to face the day. I should really do this more often.

Besides thinking it was way to early for this, I was thinking of all of the reasons why I run and/or like to run. In no particular order, here are some from that list.

  1. I love to eat cupcakes and ice cream and drink beer
  2. Setting a good example for my kids
  4. Keeps me young
  5. I can chase after my kids…and catch them
  6. I want to be a sexy old lady
  7. Great excuse to buy more Sparkly Soul headbands, Mizuno shoes, Under Armour and Oiselle clothing, etc.
  8. Running is fun (duh!)
  9. Adding more medals to my collection
  10. Always room for growth (farther distance, faster times, better form)
  11. Lifelong fitness activity
  12. Inspiring other to run or adopt a healthier lifestyle
  13. Camaraderie among the running community
  14. I like to wear short shorts
  15. One-upping race finisher photos
  16. Enjoyment of setting goals and crushing them
  17. Concern for my health and wellness
  18. Maybe one day I can qualify for Boston
  19. Satisfaction of fitting in clothes that I wore in high school
  20. Accomplishing things I never thought possible (who would have thought I could run a marathon let alone 5!?)
  21. Minivan swagger in the form of running stickers
  22. Proud feeling I get when one of the kids wants to run with me
  23. The reason for meeting and falling in love with my boyfriend
  24. Therapy but way cheaper
  25. Because I can

WHY DO YOU RUN? And if you don’t run, what’s stopping you?


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