blink and you miss it


The title of this post perfectly sums up my thoughts on this summer. Next week the kids start the new school year, and I’m left wondering, “Where the hell did summer go?!” When your family is as busy as mine, it’s easy for days to turn into weeks and then into months without realizing quite how much time went by. Here’s a recap of our summer.

Mom and Dad’s 35th Anniversary Celebration

Amanda and Zak’s Wedding (unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the lovely couple)

 Lots of Baseball and Softball

Uncle Stevie comes back to “The Great State”

Cedar Point Trips

Kelleys Island Day Trip with the Kiddles

Belated Birthday Weekend to Lake Chautauqua/Southern Tier Brewery/Panama Rocks

Running and Races (10 For Them and Milk Run 5K)

Goodbye Minivan, Hello Kia

Annie’s Girl Scout Picnic

Cole and Cael’s 7th Birthday

Beach Time

Family Time


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