it’s about that time…back to school


Adios, summer! We had a great run, but it’s about that time. Today was the first day of school for my kiddles, and judging from the pictures below, they all look pretty excited and happy. Alexandra boarded the bus for her first day of fifth grade, which officially make her a middle schooler. Just typing that makes me get a little emotional (I will note that no tears fell from my eyes today). It also makes me think back to my experience in middle school, and I cringe. Kids can be assholes, but I think she is going to have a great year. Adrianna started third grade and a new school, leaving the security of the elementary she has attended for the past 3 years. She’s ready for the next adventure. My (not-so-little) babies, Cole and Cael, took their talents to first grade – separate classes, of course, because sticking those two with one teacher would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. While Cael was a little more laid back about returning to school, Cole was most concerned about being a social butterfly and which shirt would perfectly coordinate with his new bright purple and turquoise Lebron James shoes. I lovingly refer to Cole as Uncle Stevie Junior, as my brother always had his outfits and shoes coordinated to a T!

So here they are! My beautiful and wonderful kiddles (yes, I’m biased).


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