and we’re off: CLE marathon kick-off run



It’s official; training season for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon has begun! This year, the marathon kicked it off in style with their Kick-Off Run held at Fleet Feet in Pepper Pike on Saturday, January 9. This free event was hosted by the CLE marathon, Fleet Feet Sports, and Brooks, and it was AWESOME!

I was excited about this run for a few reasons. First, Dan was going to run it with me, and with our schedules, we don’t get to run together much. Second, I had a chance to reconnect with some of my CLE ambassador friends and other running friends, who have become more like a running family. Third, it was the official start of my marathon training. HOLLA! Time to buckle down to crush some goals. Fourth, I had a chance to see my friends who spend countless hours coordinating the CLE marathon, which is no easy task. And fifth, it was an opportunity to bring together the running community in support of the CLE marathon and gain excitement and momentum for the race.

I was very pleased with the turnout, considering the rainy weather we had riding to the event. Thankfully, the rain stopped for the run, and the sun even made an appearance! January in Ohio with sun and no snow and not freezing our butts off – I’ll take it! Living where we do, we don’t get an opportunity to run hills on a regular basis, so I was happy that the course was not pancake flat. Gotta run those hills to get ready for CLE! Even though the route ended up being longer than expected, we finished with a 5 miles in less than 40 minutes! For us, that is super speedy! I think it helped that Dan and I had Will as comic relief along the course. Another thing I really liked about the event was I had a chance to meet some Instagram friends in real life, which is always fun because they have been providing motivation and support along the way. Shout out to Heather and Tony!

Thank you, CLE marathon, for a great kick-off! Let’s do this!


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