35 for 35



Bring out the cake and sprinkle the confetti! I’ve had the pleasure of occupying a little space on this planet for the last 35 years. It almost seems as though I’m lying when I say that because I don’t feel as though I should be this age. I remember thinking to myself in my late teens and early twenties that someone who is 35 should be seasoned and “adulty” – definitely not someone who feels the way I do right now. I’m still left scratching my head as to where the past 5 years went. Wasn’t I just turning the big 3-0? Anyway, I suppose a lot has happened in this time, and even though I don’t feel it, I’ve accomplished a lot. To celebrate my 35th birthday, here’s a list of 35 “accomplishments” in no particular order.

  1. My parents made the fabulous decision to have me, kicking off a whole chain of awesomeness (Thanks, mom and dad!)
  2. Graduated from high school
  3. Learned to ride a bike
  4. Gave birth to four children
  5. Learned to walk
  6. Held a steady “big girl” job for the past 13 years
  7. Never broke a bone
  8. Selected as an All-American and invited to cheer at the Pro Bowl
  9. Provided for my children without child or spousal support (this is something that makes me exceptionally proud but is not meant to be a knock against others)
  10. Graduated from college with distinction
  11. Placed second in my age group at a large 5K
  12. Learned to roller skate
  13. Ran 5 marathons (soon to be 6)
  14. Got married and ran a household
  15. Got divorced and realized I could do it all on my own
  16. Perfected walking in high heels (you would be amazed at how many people can’t figure this out)
  17. Received enough scholarship money to have 3 free years of college
  18. Learned how to do a back handspring
  19. Purchased a home
  20. Made the decision to take up running and adopt a healthier lifestyle
  21. Selected for an important position at my job
  22. Coached a team of cheerleaders who started off a little ragtag and ended up placing first in a competition
  23. Learned how to fish
  24. Managed to care for infants without any major issues
  25. Testified in federal court
  26. Made some amazing friends
  27. Became a certified SCUBA diver
  28. Learned to write in cursive, a dying art
  29. Raised over $1,500 for a children’s hospital being a Children’s Champion
  30. Perfected my go-to potluck recipe that’s always a hit – homemade mac and cheese
  31. Learned to work a computer and smartphone, although our Blu-Ray player is still questionable
  32. Survived some of the most awful hairstyles (sister matching mullets, 6th grade plastic hair, multiple “mom cuts”)
  33. Cheered in college
  34. Keenly aware of difference between your and you’re and there, their, and they’re (thank you to all of my fabulous teachers!)
  35. Learned to drive a car

The purpose of this list was not to brag or make myself appear better than anyone else. As someone who still tends to focus on missed opportunities or failures, it’s important to redirect that thinking and be thankful of how far I’ve come. While some accomplishments are small, others are major and life-changing. Happy birthday to me, and time to buckle up for the next 35 years.


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  1. I really like this list. I like how you have things in there that might not seem like accomplishments, but that truly are, as well as unique things you’ve done. Testifying in Federal court is super interesting!

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