silver linings


I try hard to be a positive person, but the one word that sums up last week is craptastic. Bad, it was just bad, and it definitely messed with my mindset for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Instead of enjoying my birthday and Mother’s Day week and preparing for the big race, I was under the most stress I’ve had in quite a few years, and it took its toll. I was not eating, waking up early and staying up late, driving in downtown Cleveland rush hour (you know I do not drive in CLE very well), not being able to run to relieve stress, and spending many hours in the federal courthouse. There was anger, frustration, hurt, embarrassment, defeat, but I suppose there was also some relief. Relief that this will pass. My boss has a knack for “taking the high road.” I, on the other hand, want to take someone out at the knees. But in an effort to rise above and be the better person, I am going to point out the silver linings and other little gems I learned from this week.

Negative: Driving into and out of Cleveland and spending many hours in a courthouse.
Positive: I actually learned a route to the Tower City parking garage that has less traffic, and the views from the 15th floor of the courthouse were amazing.


Negative: Having personal details of my life brought up in court for no other reason that to make me look like a horrible person.
Positive: Knowing I am not that person and feeling some sort of satisfaction in telling my little part of this whole twisted story.

Negative: Missing basically a week of running.
Positive: I bet the rest helped my legs, and I’ll be ready to go on Sunday!

Negative: Having my social media stalked to be used against me.
Positive: Chuckling over the amount of time and energy it must have taken to read every single tweet and blog post to find controversial/juicy ones. Who seriously has time for that nonsense?

Negative: My sons leading a group of runners on the wrong course for a local color run and my daughters getting into a shoving match at the finish line.
Positive: My first grade twins were fast enough that they were leading the majority of the 5K. That is freaking awesome and makes me a proud mother runner! Even with taking a wrong turn and running over the 5K distance, one managed to finish second overall, and the other finished approximately 6th. Wish I would have been wearing my watch for this one!


There are more to list, but I suppose what’s the point in listing them? Life sucks at times; it really does. I’m not telling you anything new. I guess that isn’t what defines you. It’s what you do from that point that speaks to your character. I’m still mad, still hurt, still defeated, but I can choose to wallow in that or chalk this one up as a life lesson and let it go.

I need to have a one-track mind this week in terms of preparation for CLE. Having a busy week at work won’t necessarily help, but starting Friday, I’m off until Tuesday! I look forward to seeing my fabulous ambassador friends at the reception and race. I look forward to walking the 8K on Saturday with my dad and having my mom and family friend walk the 5K. I look forward to running my 6th marathon and, if all goes right, setting a huge PR! And, lastly, I look forward to being positive again.



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  1. You are amazing. I look at all that you accomplish just in your daily life, and I am so impressed. Lately I can barely get my calendar straight, and it’s killing me to try to do it all myself. I admire you so much, not just because you are a SuperMom and a super mom, but because you are a badass runner.

  2. If anything can be said after following you on IG and reading your blog for the last 3 years it’s that you are more than positive! You’re a giver. You’re a dedicated runner. And most importantly an awesome mom!! Hope you have a great week and good luck on Sunday!! 🙂

  3. While life seems to really dish out an enormous amount of crap, how we deal with it and move past it shows just what we are made of. I loved reading this post even though my heart was breaking for you last week. This week it is bursting with pride because I know my girl is one strong, resilient, and dedicated woman. Rock your week, rock the marathon and love yourself. I sure do!

  4. Girl, you are amazing with a capital A and don’t let the haters get you down!!! You are an amazing mom and a serious inspiration to me! Hang in there and get ready for a hug Friday!!! Xoxo you rock!

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