playing catch-up


Hi, everyone! Remember me? I’m Stephanie – mother, runner, public health worker. I’ve been pretty absent on the blog lately for a few reasons. 1 – life is busy. I hate this one because it’s kind of a BS excuse. However, even I can’t deny the days and weeks fly by pretty quickly around here. I keep putting posts off for another day, and the day doesn’t come. 2 – I’ve started worrying more about what people think about my blog, so I haven’t been writing. This is also a silly excuse because it’s my freaking blog. I can write whatever I want. People who don’t like it or think it’s silly shouldn’t waste their time reading.

2016 is over, and I’m so glad. The year started off on the wrong foot and stayed that way. I suppose I should quit complaining, get over it, and get ready for a better 2017. And when I think about it, there were some pretty fun things that happened this year. Some I’ve written about, like the 20 Mile Drop and Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, and some I haven’t. Here’s to playing catch-up with the rest of 2016 and welcoming 2017!

Dan ran his first triathlon and a half Ironman in Delaware, OH


I had an amazing vacation visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Washington.


Dan and I took the kids on a mini-vacation to Lake Chautauqua.


Cole and Cael got picked to play in their Little League All-Star Game.



I took the boys on a super fun birthday trip to Kelleys Island, and we had a complete blast!


My kids looked awesome for Halloween, with 3 out of 4 in costumes we made from things we already had.


The Cleveland Indians basically kicked ass. They exceeded all expectations and almost pulled off a World Series victory!


Cole and Cael smoked my butt in a 5K this summer, won first and second in their age group, and got signed baseballs from Carlos Baerga!


I got to play in a mother-daughter softball game with my Adrianna…and she struck me out 🙂



The health department I work for became nationally accredited! As the Accreditation Coordinator, this was a huge accomplishment and one I am very proud of!



I ran my second fastest half marathon ever at the Santa Hustle in December in the cold and snow while wearing an ugly sweater.


The kiddles got what they always wanted for Christmas – a dog! A cute little mini dachshund named Loki to be exact.


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