cleveland marathon kick-off run take 2



What’s even more awesome than attending one of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon’s kick-off runs to jump start my marathon training? Being able to attend both kick-off runs and having my sons, the dynamic duo of Cole and Cael, run with me! This past weekend, the boys, Dan, and I laced up our shoes and pounded the pavement in Westlake for the second kick-off run. Originally, we weren’t able to attend, but a change in plans made it possible. The boys had been itching to participate in another run/race, so the timing was perfect.


We arrived at Fleet Feet in Westlake, chatted it up with the wonderful Cleveland Marathon staff, and got ready to run. I’m convinced the boys are athletic freaks of nature. I have yet to find a sport where they don’t excel (except they tell me they are no good at water polo although they have never played). Running is no exception. These crazy kids don’t even have to train, and they rip off miles like it’s no big deal. They legit kicked my butt in the Grand Slam 5K this summer, coming in first and second in their age group and running with a 7:43 overall pace. This time, I kept the pace slow because I didn’t want them to be sore the next day for their wrestling match. It was so nice to be outside in the mild weather running together. It truly makes me heart happy to be able to enjoy the sport I love with my kiddles. We split off from the group when we reached the store on the loop, not because they were tired but because I wanted to save their legs. They weren’t thrilled, but I appeased them with the promise of another race soon. The perk of ending early was they were the first in line for bagels! BONUS!


After the rest of the runners made their way back to the store, we had a chance to visit more with my ambassador friends. It’s always so nice to see them because it definitely re-energizes and motivates me. Thanks, friends!


Oh, and if you’re wondering how wrestling went the next day, the boys crushed it! Did they win every match? Nope, but it was close. Cole went 2 for 2, and Cael went 2 for 3. And as for Cael, I was more proud of him in his loss than I was for his wins. He wrestled up a weight class, was paired against a much older and more experienced kid, and got pinned during the first period. He stood up, shook hands with the other kid and coaches, and went to his side of the mat with no crying or even tears in his eyes. This would not have been the case a year ago. Progress, my friends, progress…and maturity. Super proud mom moment.


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  1. I had such a great time at the run- looking forward to more meet ups in the future! And wow your boys are so fast- future track stars!

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