leprechaun dash race recap



This past weekend the boys and I participated in our first race of the 2017 season! They have been itching to run another race with me. The original plan was St. Malachi, but with wrestling season, they didn’t have time to train for the 5-miler. I wasn’t too keen on making the trip to Cleveland for the 2-miler either, so I was happy when I saw an MRTT post about the Leprechaun Dash 5K in downtown Willoughby. I LOVE downtown Willoughby; the town is just so darn cute. Plus, we could dress up in festive St. Paddy’s Day gear. Sold!


Our morning started off super early because we had to drive from Amherst to Painesville Township where my sister lives. She graciously agreed to watch the girls for me while the boys and I ran (thanks, Sare…you’re the best!). Cole, Cael, and I got to Willoughby Brewing Company for packet pick-up with plenty of time to spare. It was great that WBC opened its doors for runners because I couldn’t imagine standing outside in the cold that long. We got ourselves bundled up and ready to go and headed to the starting line about 4 minutes before the race. The boys were ready to go, and so was I until I felt a pop and all my support was gone. Never have I ever had a wardrobe malfunction during a race, but my “vintage” Under Armour front-zip sports bra thought one minute before the race would be a good time to let loose. With all of the layers, I couldn’t reach the zipper, and I didn’t have enough time to make it to the bathroom for a quick fix. I did what any logical runner would do – I started running when the gun went off and prayed that the rest of the layers I was wearing would hold the girls in place.

Even though the boys barely train, they are machines. They showed no signs of tiring except when nasty wind gusts practically stopped them in their tracks. We were closer to the front of the race, so we didn’t have to worry about dodging other runners and could run together in a line. I knew the boys had their sights set on another young kid who was about 40 or so yards ahead of him, so they kept pushing. The race made a left turn shortly after mile 2, but a few of the runners, speedy little kid in front of them included, kept going straight. We might have gone off course too if it weren’t for a guy in front of us who yelled for his buddy to turn. The boys and I kept passing people, but clothes-wise, I was really struggling. I knew the boys wouldn’t get too far ahead, so I told them just go while I tried to hold myself in place. They took off, and soon after, I saw the misguided runners meet back up with the regular course. The little boy who was ahead of Cole and Cael was now behind them, and my heart kinda broke for him. He would have came in first fair and square had he not gone off course.

We got to the turn into WBC’s parking lot, and I saw Cole’s hat blow off. He turned around to grab it, and the little kid overtook him. Cael was still ahead and finished first out of the young kids. After a strong finish, we grabbed our medals and Chick-fil-A sandwich. Yes, you read that correctly; the race gave out Chick-fil-A sandwiches at the end! And they were hot! I was in heaven.

Inside Willoughby Brewing Company, we were able to check our results. It showed that Cael was first in his age group, and Cole as third. They wanted me to check, so for shits and giggles I did. First in my age group? That can’t be right. Let’s wait to see when the rest of the people come in.

We walked back to our table, and I had a little talk with Cael. I asked what he thought about giving speedy little kid his first place medal and swapping for his second place because had he not been sent on the incorrect course, he would have won. Cael thought it was a great idea, and that made me really proud. Plus he said he was still going to have two medals from the race today, and that made him happy.


We stayed for race results, and both boys were very excited with their medals! And they were my biggest fans when my name was called to receive mine. However, I have to laugh because both boys kicked my butt…and won’t let me forget they made it to the finish line first 🙂


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