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that’s a wrap


On Saturday, I wrapped up my Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon training cycle with 22.5 glorious miles on the treadmill at Planet Fitness in Lorain, and all things considered, it felt pretty damn good! I made sure I dialed back the pace and just cruised. I get asked a lot how I keep myself engaged and sane on the treadmill. Thankfully, I am able to read magazines while I run, so now, I am well-versed in spring fashion, workout tips, and Hollywood gossip. I’ll watch a little TV, people-watch around the gym, and reward myself with music for the last 5 or so miles. I also “compete” with other runners on the treadmills next to me (sorry, not sorry), so that keeps it fun. I had someone pay me an awesome compliment when I finished the first 10 miles and needed a water bottle refill – “You run the shit out of that machine!” Why, thank you, sir, and yes, I do.

The run certainly wasn’t easy, but I walked out of there feeling strong and accomplished. Do I feel 100% ready for Cleveland in 2 weeks? I’d say I’m feeling 85-90% confident that I will run a “good” race. I don’t feel I trained as well as I should have this year with everything else going on in our crazy, busy lives, but I know it was well enough to not totally fall apart on the course. I’m expecting it to hurt, but the feeling of crossing the finish line for my 7th marathon/5th Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon will be so rewarding!

Another thing I always look forward to near the end of the training cycle is the Ambassador Meet-up, which was held at the tail-end of April. It had been a long time since I saw some of my ambassador friends, and seeing them was like a jolt in the arm and just what I needed to carry me through the end of training. They are supportive and motivating, and we’ve come to build this little running family. Basically, they make my heart smile, and I can’t wait to take the streets of CLE with them! 13 DAYS!!!!!!

cleveland marathon kick-off run take 2



What’s even more awesome than attending one of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon’s kick-off runs to jump start my marathon training? Being able to attend both kick-off runs and having my sons, the dynamic duo of Cole and Cael, run with me! This past weekend, the boys, Dan, and I laced up our shoes and pounded the pavement in Westlake for the second kick-off run. Originally, we weren’t able to attend, but a change in plans made it possible. The boys had been itching to participate in another run/race, so the timing was perfect.


We arrived at Fleet Feet in Westlake, chatted it up with the wonderful Cleveland Marathon staff, and got ready to run. I’m convinced the boys are athletic freaks of nature. I have yet to find a sport where they don’t excel (except they tell me they are no good at water polo although they have never played). Running is no exception. These crazy kids don’t even have to train, and they rip off miles like it’s no big deal. They legit kicked my butt in the Grand Slam 5K this summer, coming in first and second in their age group and running with a 7:43 overall pace. This time, I kept the pace slow because I didn’t want them to be sore the next day for their wrestling match. It was so nice to be outside in the mild weather running together. It truly makes me heart happy to be able to enjoy the sport I love with my kiddles. We split off from the group when we reached the store on the loop, not because they were tired but because I wanted to save their legs. They weren’t thrilled, but I appeased them with the promise of another race soon. The perk of ending early was they were the first in line for bagels! BONUS!


After the rest of the runners made their way back to the store, we had a chance to visit more with my ambassador friends. It’s always so nice to see them because it definitely re-energizes and motivates me. Thanks, friends!


Oh, and if you’re wondering how wrestling went the next day, the boys crushed it! Did they win every match? Nope, but it was close. Cole went 2 for 2, and Cael went 2 for 3. And as for Cael, I was more proud of him in his loss than I was for his wins. He wrestled up a weight class, was paired against a much older and more experienced kid, and got pinned during the first period. He stood up, shook hands with the other kid and coaches, and went to his side of the mat with no crying or even tears in his eyes. This would not have been the case a year ago. Progress, my friends, progress…and maturity. Super proud mom moment.

train as a family



It’s official; spring has finally come to Northeast Ohio!!! Warmer weather means runs move from the treadmill to the road, and I couldn’t be happier. The break in the weather also means the kiddles have started training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 5K, which is held the day before the marathon on Saturday, May 16. All four of them will lace up their shoes and take to the streets of Cleveland, so that means it’s training time!

Our first outdoor training run was on April 1. We are fortunate enough to live right around the corner from a local park that has a paved .4 mile track around it, which is perfect for runs with the kids. As much as I would love them to run around the neighborhood with me, four kids + no sidewalks = not a fabulous idea. We got to the park, stretched, and started off. I told them the goal was to run at least two laps without walking. After that, they could decide to run more with me or play on the playground. We weren’t even a quarter of the way around the track when my darling Annie started complaining that her side hurt and her legs hurt. Keep in mind she is a very athletic kid and nothing would make be believe she was feeling any pain at this time, especially with the pace we were keeping. She also proceeded to tell me she changed her mind and didn’t want to run this race. What did I do? I made her keep going and told her she was going to run that race. I’m not trying to sound like a horrible parent and definitely don’t want to use physical activity as a punishment, but I am teaching her a lesson. That lesson is when you sign up for something and make a commitment, you finish it. She wanted to run the race before, and I hesitated signing her up because I was worried she wasn’t serious. After telling me multiple times she wanted to run, I bit the bullet and registered her. She will be at that starting line in May.

Despite the whining, the two laps went well, especially for the other kids who made it seem easy. Cole, Lexi, and Annie decided to take a breather, but Cael told he wanted to keep running with me. Truth be told, he is my little running buddy and has no problem keeping up with me. Cael and I completed another lap, and while we were coming around the last turn, we saw Annie take off on her own. This made me very proud. We yelled words of encouragement, and she kept going…and going…and going. When it was said and done, that little girl who complained about two laps completed enough to run 2.4 miles! 2.4 freaking miles! For a kid who has never run a 5K (unlike her siblings), I was floored. The best part is she did most of it on her own in her fiercely independent style, earning her the Hustle Award for the day. Afterward, we were talking about it, and she said she was looking forward to the next run. What started off negatively ended on a positive note for her.


Cael definitely snagged the Rockstar Award. That little guy hung in there for 4 miles! Keep in mind he has never run that far, AND he hasn’t run any significant distance since last August when he ran his first 5K. To top it off, he is fast. When we were running with everyone else, we were keeping pace in the 10:00-11:00 minute range, but once it was just him and me, we were easily in the 9:00-9:30 minute range. Then he sped up and was cruising in the 8:30-8:45s! I already ran 4 miles on the treadmill that morning, and I honestly had trouble keeping up with him! I told him that he and I will do a race together this spring or summer where it is just him and me because I am curious to see just how fast my little dude can fly.

And what about Lexi and Cole? They both completed their 2 laps, which made me happy. Poor Cole needed a bathroom break and spent most of the time in there (hey, we’ve all been there, right?), and Lex joined in for another lap after taking a small break. All in all, it was a successful training day! Great job, kiddles, and I’m looking forward to more runs with you!


milk run 5k recap – cole and cael’s first 5k



I’m really late writing this recap but no less proud because my newly-minted 6-year-olds totally rocked their first 5K at the Milk Run at Lorain County Community College about a week and a half ago. Yes, you read that correctly. Cole and Cael both ran an entire 5K…in less than 30 minutes. Another awesome little tidbit – Lex ran it, too, also in less than 30 minutes, which is about 3 minutes faster than her previous 5Ks. Needless to say, they brought home a little race bling that day.

Where was my (semi) sweet little Annie Bananie? She opted out of the run, and I respect her for that. Running isn’t really her thing, which is totally fine with me. The girl knows what she likes and doesn’t like and won’t be forced to do what she really doesn’t want to do. While this can be a total pain the ass when it comes to parenting her, I appreciate that she isn’t going to be a doormat when she’s older.

Race day was Sunday, August 3, and I woke the kids up early to get them ready and fed. Breakfast was the usual race-day staple – toast with peanut butter and bananas. Gotta start them off right. Then it was off to the college.


pre-race smiles


I was pleased at the turnout when we pulled in the parking lot. I knew that a lot of people weren’t registered, so it was nice to see a full parking lot and lots of race day registrations. We grabbed our bibs and shirts, chatted with a few people that I work with, and got ready to race. The kiddles and I took our place in the middle of the pack. I knew we didn’t belong in the front with the fast people, but I wanted to make sure we were in front of the people who were walking. While lining up a comment was made by a man who seemed a little perturbed that kids were lining up in front of him. “Are they really going to run this race?”, he asked me. “You bet, and they have been training, too. This is their first actual 5K, and this is her 3rd, and they will run the whole thing,” I proudly quipped. His mood softened with this, and words of encouragement were offered to the kids. Now it was run time!

The gun went off, and we started on the course. The boys wanted to take off right away, but I kept telling them to stay with me as this was going to take a while. I think between the excitement of the race and the energy gel (yes, guilty, I gave them all a gel just in case they needed a boost…does this make me a bad mom?) they were having a hard time containing their energy, but we settled into an easy pace and cruised. Other runners were shouting encouraging comments to them, and everyone we passed seemed pleased to see such young kids running the race. Before we knew it, we were at the first mile, and it only took us a little over 9 minutes. My kids were flying.

WP_20140803_005 WP_20140803_004

Second mile came and went, and they were still holding strong. Our time increased a little because the kiddles haven’t learned the fine art of drinking at the water stop while running (truth: I only recently learned how to do this without making a complete mess). After the stop we were able to pick up the pace a little. Cole and Cael were making this run look effortless, but Lex was struggling a little. She hadn’t trained as hard as the boys. When we would go to the park, they were the ones running 3 miles with me, not her. The most she trained to was 2 miles, so it was obvious that she was going to get tired before they did. Plus, the boy are just more athletic than she is, which really gets her panties in a bunch.

We were on the last stretch, and I kept telling Lex to breathe and find her kick. I knew she had it in there. The finish line was close, so I unleashed the boys, who were still brimming with energy. They took off in a sprint as Lex and I followed behind. As they ran toward and crossed the line, I kept yelling to them and smiling like a crazy lady. My baby boys just crushed this race! Lex kicked it in, and we finished a few seconds after them. They did it!

WP_20140803_006 WP_20140803_008

So, how did they do? People were coming up to them after the race to congratulate them on a great job, and some even commented on how the kids passed them along the course (I was really proud of that one). I’m also very proud to say that the boys each got a medal (Cole first and Cael second), and Lex came in first in her age group, in addition to setting the age group record!


no thanks to the clown who photobombed this pic with my winners…the girl on the left does not approve!

WP_20140803_017 WP_20140803_014

milk run results

What’s next? Well, as soon as we got home, the boys asked me if we could go to the park and run! Seriously, they just ran and wanted more? Those are my kids! They all also want to do another 5K, so I think I’ll look for another small, local one for them. The Skeleton Run 5K in Amherst is great, although cold, and I don’t know if they want to wait that long. Better sign them up for something soon!

And then there’s Cael, my little running buddy who has logged more miles with me than any of the others. He chooses running with me at the park over riding his bike, playing on the playground, riding his scooter, or throwing the baseball. He and I are going to run a 5K, just the two of us, because I want to see this kid at full performance. He may have been listed as second place at the Milk Run (no chip timing, so the boys were directed down the chute and Cole got in first), but he would smoke the pants off of the others. We ran 3 miles at the park the other day, and our pace was under 9:00/mile! I’m really curious as to the times he could throw down in a race if it was just him and me. I’ll keep you posted.

running is my sport {guest blog post}


I have someone very special joining me on the journey to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon on Sunday, May 18. Alexandra, my soon-to-be-9-year-old daughter, will be running the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K the day before my big race (Saturday, May 17). She is going to be my guest blogger and share her thoughts about running, racing, and what it means to be a running family. Here is her first post. 

WP_20140105_01320140105181032 (3)

Hi, my name is Alexandra, but my mom calls me Lexi or Lexi Bear. I am going to be running the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K with my mom before her race. This is going to be my second 5K.

I love to run! It all started when I ran the 1 mile fun run at the Milk Run at Lorain County Community College in summer 2012. I ran the whole thing, and I came in 2nd place overall! It made me feel like I found my sport. My first real race was St. Malachi in Cleveland around St. Patrick’s Day. I ran two miles with my mom and ran in a tutu that my mom made for us. I still have it. I was very proud after my first real race.

V__2F3AThen, there was the second Milk Run. I came in first place out of all the people for the 1 mile, and I will do the 5K this year. After this race, I decided I wanted to do a 5K, and my mom said she would train me. I trained at the park, and I trained around our neighborhood. I found myself getting a lot faster!

Then it came time for my first 5K, the Skeleton Run For Your Bones in Amherst. I ran two races that day – the 1 mile by myself (kinda with my Girl Scout troop) and the 5K with my mom. I was able to run the whole race without stopping, and I even had enough energy to sprint at the end. Mommy cried and gave me a big hug when we finished; she was so proud of me. Grammy and Grampy and my brothers and sister and Raymond were there to cheer for me. Mommy made me signs, and they held them up when I ran past. At the awards ceremony, I came in 2nd place for the 1 mile for my age group.


I had a little break after that race, but Miss Susie, my old daycare teacher, gave me her pass for The Christmas Story 5K because she couldn’t make it. I wore an ugly sweater (well, not really ugly), and it sang the song “Santa Baby.” My mom made the sweater for an ugly sweater party. I was nervous about the race because I didn’t even train, but I was able to run the whole thing! Mommy and Dan, mom’s friend, ran the race with me. I even got a cool medal!


Next, in May, is the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K. I feel excited and happy to be able to run the race with my mom. My goal is to run around a 9:30-9:45 pace. I think I can do it. I am going to train very strong and hard because I want to do very well. I am going to get a new outfit to run in and wear a SparklySoul headband. They are my favorite headbands. They are all kinds of colors with sparkles. Miss Susie, Mommy, and I wear them, and we are awesome. I am turning into my mom 🙂

a little sparklysoul lover


a year of running awesomeness


I am sure that awesomeness is not even a real word, but it perfectly describes my 2013 running season. Sure, I experienced failure, but, for the most part, I crushed it. Here’s a look back.

The year started off with an absolutely wonderful opportunity! I was picked to be an official blogger for the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, and I was able to share my training stories with readers all over the US and world (shout-out to my overseas readers!) Being a blogger not only helped me motivate others; it helped give me the motivation I needed to train for and complete my fourth full marathon. The training piece went well, exceptionally well, and I felt like I was in the best shape to capture a new marathon PR. I trained from December 2012 through May 2013, devoting my time to this race. Sadly, the race didn’t go my way, and I was down on myself for a while after that. I thought running a marathon well was not in the cards for me, and I admit that I gave up the idea of doing another any time soon.


all smiles after finishing the rite aid cleveland marathon

Instead of being a whiney-pants, I used my Cleveland debacle to look at myself and change some things in order to be a better runner. Before, I used the old excuse, “I’m running, so I will burn it off!” when it came to eating and running. Not a strategy I would recommend. In June I began tracking my food and physical activity using MyFitnessPal and Runtastic. I was able to drop 10 pounds, found I didn’t have a lot of gastrointestinal issue anymore (THANK YOU, JESUS!), and just felt better about myself. I also didn’t fall off the running wagon, like I had done every single time after a major race. I would always take a break, which would put me back at square one when I had to train for another major race. I continued to run throughout the summer, and I saw my times dropping. I have stated before that being fast wasn’t important to me, but this year I just wasn’t content with my slower pace. Getting faster was exciting, and I kept pushing myself hard in training runs.

I had a real “holy crap” moment in September when I ran the Downtown Willoughby 5K. I will quickly tell you that a 5K is my absolute least favorite distance to run, but I was kinda excited to see what I could do in terms of speed. My 5K PR was last set in June 2009 when I ran the Ohio City Run and Crawl with a time of 26:40. I never, ever thought I could touch that speed again. I don’t know what I was worried about because I blew it out of the water! I ran the race with a time of 24:56, which worked out to an 8:03/mile pace! I was completely floored, and although I was dying at the finish, it was all worth it. Just a few months before, I felt like I was flying if my pace was in the low 9:00 range, and sub-9 was amazing! And want to know the best part? I had just run a double-digit training run the day before. BOOM!


we earned those drink tickets after this race!

With a new 5K PR under my belt and restored confidence, I wanted to see what I was capable of for longer distances and wanted a challenge. October became Half-tober, and I ran 4 half marathon in less than a month’s time. It started off with a bang when I set a new half marathon PR of 2:03:58 in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland half, only to crush that PR the following week by running my first sub-2 hour half at the Northern Ohio Half Marathon in Fairport Harbor (1:58:30 to be exact, which is a 9:05/mile pace). It was a sweet finish because all four kids, my parents, and my sister and her husband were there cheering for me. Next up was the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, a race I was looking forward to since last year. I signed on to be a Children’s Champion and was able to raise over $650 for the hospital through the extremely generous donations of family and friends. I ran Columbus with my friends Susie and Bee and helped them through their second half marathon, which was rewarding in itself. The government shutdown worked in my favor because I was able to round out my month with the rescheduled Towpath Half Marathon in the first weekend in November. Again, this race was not about time; the goal was to help Susie PR her half. Although the PR was not to be that race day, we had a great time. With the completion of four half marathons in less than 30 days, I qualified for Half Fanatic status, making me official member #5223. That month of racing also solidified the half as my favorite racing distance.


rock ‘n’ roll cleveland half marathon with jeffrey


smiles with the kiddles after my sub-2 hour half at the northern ohio half marathon


on the way to the finish at the columbus marathon


towpath half marathon finishers!

I rounded out race season with another amazing accomplishment. After my half marathons, I kept training hard, with the hope of running a sub-8:00/mile 5K race. I had the opportunity to put my training to the test when I ran the Turkey Day 5K in Painesville on Thanksgiving morning. Despite the extremely cold temperatures and ice on the course, I crossed the finish with a time of 24:08 (7:46 pace) and placed 6th out of 97 in my age group and 36th out of 759 women! The impossible was now possible.


the walking dead

Running on my own has always been fun, but I had the pleasure of introducing more family members to running this year. My oldest daughter, Alexandra, really got into it, and she ran the St. Malachi 2-miler with me in March, making it her first official race! Not content with only 2 miles, she begged to run a 5K, and she has already completed 2 of them – the Skeleton Run For Your Bones 5K (which she ran after competing in the Funny Bone 1 mile race) and A Christmas Story 5K. Adrianna, Cole, and Cael also took part in two runs this year – the Milk Run 1 mile family walk/run, which they turned into a competitive race, and the Funny Bone 1 mile run, where three out of four kids placed in their age groups. My sister Sarah also joined me on the race course, completing the Women Who Run 4 mile race in Cleveland, Run or Dye 5K in Cleveland, and the Downtown Willoughby 5K, which she completed with her husband, Rhett. Sadly, Raymond was absent from running this year due to a back injury, but I have my fingers crossed that he will be able to run again. Recovery has been extremely slow, and he is still out of commission. Let’s hope for a full recovery in 2014 because I want my running partner back. The only positive to this – I can finally beat him in a race (never said I wasn’t competitive).


my fave race pic, taken after lex finished her first 5K


showing off their bling


with her major award after a christmas story 5K


sarah’s first race


run or dye!


with my favorite spectator at the children’s champion breakfast

And that leads me to 2014. How can I top this year?! It begins with a burning desire to completely crush the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon this year, and I am not leaving that race course without a PR. I am so thankful to be back as an official blogger for 2014, and I am looking forward to the motivation from my readers, family, friends, and fellow bloggers. Between the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon staff and the other bloggers, we have an amazing team, and I am proud to be part of it and represent the city and race I love. Cleveland will also be a family affair for me, and I couldn’t be more excited! My parents and sister will be joining Alexandra and me as we run the Cleveland 5K the day before the marathon. I encourage you to join us, or sign up for the marathon, half marathon, or 10K! You don’t want to miss out on The Cleveland Experience, so get your registration in before the price increase on January 15.

Cleveland Marathon Blogger Badge

isn’t it just beautiful?!

2014 brings not one but two marathons to my schedule. I will also be running the Columbus Marathon and will participate as a Children’s Champion again. My goal is to help raise $1000 for Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help children and families battling illnesses. I have another purpose in running the Columbus full this year – I am going to help pace my friend Susie through her first marathon! How cool is that?! We ran two half marathons together this year, and she wants to take the plunge and run a full. I will do whatever I can to help her achieve that. Running a marathon is a life-changing experience, and I am glad to be part of her journey.

And what about speed? I would like to set a new 5K PR by running around a 7:30 minutes/mile pace. With the training I have already been putting in, I don’t see how I couldn’t accomplish this. I would also like to drop my half marathon pace to sub-9:00 mile, which again is very doable and would only require me to shave off 6 seconds per mile. I have already been running sub-9 on my treadmill long runs in preparation for this. To add a different challenge to the year, I would like to run back-to-back half marathons. Not quite sure when this will occur, but that’s the plan.

Lastly, family and running! My kids really enjoyed taking part in races this year, and it is something I will continue in 2014. Both Alexandra and Adrianna want to run the St. Malachi 2-miler, which would be a first for Annie, and Alexandra can’t wait to hit the pavement for a more 5Ks. She wants to get faster and improve her time. Cole and Cael are content running the 1 mile races, and their biggest competition is each other. The thing about this that makes me a very proud mom is my kids are truly enjoying themselves, and they are learning a lifelong sport. I am trying to lay a foundation that encourages physical activity and healthy eating, and by living it and practicing what I preach, I am setting an example for them.

Lots of exciting stuff coming up in 2014, and I can’t wait to share it with you as the year unfolds. Thank you for your support, motivation, and thoughts. Let’s make this a great one!

What is something running-related you accomplished this year? What are your running goals for next year?

running is a family affair



Today was the Skeleton 5K “Run For Your Bones” race, and most of you who are regular readers know that this was going to be Alexandra’s first 5K. What you probably didn’t know was it was also a 1 mile race for all four of the kiddles – Alexandra, Adrianna, Cole, and Cael. Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even know it was going to be a 1 mile run for them. When we signed up, the game plan was for Lex and I to run the 5K, and she was going to run the 1 mile with her Girl Scout troop. Last night, Adrianna commented that she wanted to run the 1 mile Funny Bone race. The boys chimed in that they wanted to run, too. The last time the other three kiddles ran was in August when we did the Milk Run, but I thought what the heck! We would make the run a family affair.

We got up early this morning, ate breakfast, and were (surprisingly) out the door by 8:00am. Since Annie, Cole, and Cael weren’t registered, I wanted to get there early to sign them up. We arrived at the high school shortly after 8:15am and made our way to the gym. Thankfully, it wasn’t busy, so registration was a breeze. Shortly after I finished pinning on their bib numbers, we met up with Raymond, who has become an official running cheerleader since becoming injured in April. I was also pretty excited because my parents were coming to see Lex race, and they were going to have a chance to see all four kiddles run.


hanging with miss susie


The 1 mile race started at 9:15am. Even though I didn’t register, they let me run with the kids. I was a little worried about 5-year-olds running through the streets on their own. The bell rang, and it was like a cannon of children exploded. Their start was comparable to the elite runners because those kids were flying! However, unlike the elites, they slowed down within a quarter mile. All of my kids were ahead of me to start, but I quickly caught up to them. My Annie, who was so excited to run the day before, was already saying she wanted to walk. My response – you wanted to run, so we’re going to run, even if it is slow. We had to stop and tie her shoes, so she had a bit of a break. We started back with running, and she was doing well, despite being tired. We quickly caught up with Cole who had slowed to a walk. When I saw him, I yelled a few words of encouragement, and he began running again. Annie and I made our way to the final turn and on to the track where the race finished. Cole was a bit ahead of us and kept running. On the other side of the track, we saw Alexandra and Cael closing in on the finish line. That was the only time besides the start that I saw those two speedy ones. I cheered for them and yelled for Annie and Cole to keep running. I was so proud of all four kiddles for completing their 1 mile run and was even more impressed with the time. Annie and Cole were the last two of my kids to cross, and they were in the 9 minute mile range. That meant that Lex and Cael completed their run in under 9 minutes.

We didn’t have time to celebrate because Lex and I had to line up for the 5K, which was set to start at 9:30am. By the time we made our way to the start, the gun had already gone off. We jumped in line and almost tripped over a stupid dog…twice. I was instantly frustrated and navigated a path around the pesky canine. (Sorry, I’m not a dog lover). I could tell the rest of this story, but it is best left to Alexandra. Here’s her blog post about her first 5K.


pre-race with my runner girl

Alexandra’s Post

When I finished my 1 mile race I had to jump in line because we were almost late. I was next to dogs. They were kind of dumb because one dog kept getting in my way. It was kinda squirmy. At mile 1 my mom gave me my gel (relax, folks, it was an organic one). Mom gave me a gel because she didn’t know if I would be able to finish with doing the 1 mile before. She said it would be 4 miles combined. 

It was a beautiful course! There were so many trees. It went through Beavercreek, and when I went over the bridges, mommy said, “Watch out because you might slip over the leaves!” We heard birds on the course. There was this one nasty guy. He said to these ladies coming back, “Get out of my way!” He was very nasty. 

When we came out of Beavercreek, we had about one more mile. When I saw Raymond, Grammy, Grampy, Annie, Cole, and Cael, they had signs. I wanted to cry. One said, “Run Like A Girl.” The next one said, “Run, Alexandra, Run!” The third one said “Let’s Go Lexi!” The last one said, “So Proud Of You, Alexandra!” I ran fast after I saw the signs and only had half a mile to go. 


her own personal cheering section

We turned on to the track, and I had tons of energy in my gas tank. We held hands as we got close to the finish line, and then I sprinted like a crazy woman. Mommy was really cheering for me. After we finished, everyone was so proud of me. 

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After the race, we all went inside to grab some food and wait for the awards ceremony. I wasn’t sure if they had awards for the 1 mile race because they started right in with the 5K. We clapped for the winners and enjoyed snacks. After the race ceremony, we went up to the table to ask about the 1 mile. I had a feeling that at least one of the kids may have ran well enough for a medal. To my surprise, 3 out of the 4 were listed on the awards sheet! Adrianna came in 1st for girls ages 6 and under! Alexandra came in 2nd for girls ages 7-8, and Cael came in 3rd for boys 6 and under! Cole was a little upset that he was the only one going home without a medal, but it was time to learn a great lesson in life – that you don’t always win and if you don’t win, you try harder next time. Still, it was hard to tell a 5-year-old that he was going home with nothing while his siblings had shiny medals around their necks. He seemed to perk up a little when I told him he could wear the medal I received for being a Children’s Champion for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, especially after I told he I received it for helping little kids. 


nothing like a little race bling


so proud of these 4

Annie would like to share a little post with you about her race, winning, and thoughts on future runs.

Adrianna’s Post

When we were starting the race, there were tons of kids. I started off sprinting when they rang the bell. I was so happy that I was running a 1 miler. The race course was so beautiful, and I saw Miss Susie coming down the track. I stopped to hold mommy’s hand when she was done tying my shoe. The run was easy. I loved it because mommy ran with me. When I was turning to go down the track, it was beautiful. I saw Raymond and Grammy and Grampy cheering for me. I saw Lexi and Cael passing the finish line. I was happy for them. And for Cole. And for me and mommy when we passed the finish line. I am so happy that I won first place in my age group. My medal is made out of gold. Next year I am doing the St. Malachi 2 miler with mommy, and I’m so excited! And I need to train really hard, and I hope I win first place again. I am going to try my best. I hope Lexi and Cole and Cael and Grammy and Grampy will try to cheer for me and make signs. 


i love my medal!

I am so proud of Alexandra, Adrianna, Cole, and Cael for running today. All four of them exceeded my expectations. What’s more important is they all had fun. I am looking forward to more runs as a family, so watch for us in 2014!